COVID-19: Relief and Recovery

Lake Patriot comes from a family of first responders, and we thank those in the healthcare industry who are selflessly working in stressful and dangerous conditions to keep us all safe, every day. We are truly grateful for their sacrifices, especially during these uncertain times. April happens to be national stress awareness month, and relief and recovery for mental health will be a top priority for many of us now and in the months ahead.

Most people are (and should be) social distancing themselves from others to reduce the possibility of contracting the virus or spreading it. Many jobs have been lost or compromised, putting an unexpected strain on finances. Relief and recovery for mental and physical health are crucial to everyone affected by financial despair, lack of in-person social stimulation, and the inability to be around loved ones outside of our homes.

Fortunately, there are natural resources available to help restore mental and physical health and offer relief and recovery. Water is essential to our survival and is a natural element that improves mood, lessens symptoms of anxiety and depression, and replenishes physical health. When you are in or around water, you get a cognitive break because there is less information and noise entering your brain.

Our brains continue working, but in a different way, according to marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols. He explains, “we all have a “blue mind – a mildly meditative state characterized by calm, peacefulness, unity, and a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life in the moment” when we are in or near water. (Carolyn Gregoire, Huffington Post, 2017).

Amy Murray, director of Discover Boating programs for the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) states, “We know that 90 percent of Americans live less than an hour from a navigable body of water, making the boating lifestyle accessible to most people across the country.” She also explains, “When you step onto a boat, you leave the world of deadlines and obligations behind and enter a world of personal time for relaxation.” There are ways to escape from stressors on land, but the boating lifestyle is enjoyed as the ultimate escape.

Lake Patriot is strategically launching a campaign to complement the massive recovery effort from the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, locally and nationally. We plan to give 15 percent of our sales from our “God, Country, Lake” apparel toward a program that we are designing as a way to improve morale and health in our communities.

This pandemic is causing immense pain and suffering but is forcing us to think about who we are and what we value. Perhaps by the time this is all over, we will understand patriotism more as the cultivation of the health and life in our communities, rather than division. Maybe patriotism and love of community will be the benefit to come out of all of this. We are all in this together.