3 Watersports to Try in 2020

Lake life revolves around family and community – that’s how it’s always been for us here at Lake Patriot. In the current reality of social distancing, this summer may look a bit different. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a boring season! Thankfully, nature is always open – and the lake is still calling your name. Here are three exciting water activities to try out this year:

  1. Paddle Boarding

Relaxing, solitary, and perfect for this summer. Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boards are available in different models, varying in size depending on where you prefer to ride – lake or ocean – and what you most value – speed, stability, and/or ease of transport. With a bit of practice, you’ll be cruising around while exercising your whole body as you balance and row atop the water. Many paddlers graduate to more challenging activities on a SUP board: fishing, yoga and meditation, and even taking on the ocean waves!

In Connecticut, there are several places that rent or sell paddleboards. This includes but not limited to Candlewood Stand Up Paddleboard in New Fairfield and The Litchfield County Paddler in New Hartford.

  1. Jet Surfing

If you’ve never heard of jet surfing, you’re not alone – the sport originated around 2013. It combines the thrill of surfing on open water with a low-emission two-stroke engine. Your lead hand easily controls steering and the throttle with a built-in handle.  Riders place their feet into comfortable boots, similar to a wakeboard stance. The best part is that it looks more complicated than it actually is – and it’s SO. MUCH. FUN.

They’re totally portable at around 40-lbs and come with a canvas carry bag. Explore the sport at

  1. Water Aerobics

This watersport is all about personal health, with little to no equipment required. Exercising in water provides about 12-times more resistance than a comparable terrestrial workout. One hour of water aerobics can burn 500 calories, and has the added benefit of being extremely gentle on your joints.

There are many water aerobics tutorials available on YouTube to help you get started. Challenge yourself this summer by taking typical strength workouts to your favorite swimming spot!

Increased stress, uncertainty, and anxiousness have the world turned upside down. The great outdoors is exactly where we should be. There are benefits to be found outside, especially in the presence of water. For us at Lake Patriot, that’s nothing new – although the current epidemic has us appreciating time on the lake in a whole new light. If you understand that feeling – you, too, are a part of the Lake Patriot community. We are so glad to connect with you today. Let us know which activities you plan to try this summer!