Together for Candlewood Lake

What do you love about Candlewood Lake? Is it the fun lake lifestyle and outdoor recreational activities? Candlewood Lake is a beautiful resource for the greater Danbury-area communities and is cherished by all who visit. Lake lovers come from neighboring towns and states to experience everything Candlewood Lake has to offer.

There’s just something about being in and around water that produces a feeling of relaxation, tranquility, and serenity. Covid-19 has reshaped our lives and has affected everyone in some way – job loss, higher stress levels, and uncertainty for the future. Social distancing has challenged us with how we interact with each other and socialize. Many people have discovered that going to Candlewood Lake, whether for boating, fishing, swimming, or even just floating is a way to escape the everyday stresses in their daily lives.

We have been boating on Candlewood Lake for about seven years and have met many wonderful fellow boaters along the way. Several islands on Candlewood Lake are accessible via watercraft and are a wonderful asset for those who love to explore them.

Sadly, some who frequent Candlewood Lake are leaving garbage on and around some of the islands. This poses a serious health hazard to other lake lovers and is disgusting to look at. The Candlewood Lake Authority, clearly states, “All trash must be brought back with you. Please leave nothing on shore.”

Cleanup Crews Come Together

We saw this as a continuing problem…and so did many others. In an effort to produce a positive change and develop a solution, several groups came together to clean up some of the islands contaminated with trash. It is uplifting and refreshing to see so many people unite for a great cause such as making our lake surroundings and islands a little cleaner and safer.

Some involved in the cleanup earlier in July include Wilton Amorium of Echo Bay Marina, Chris Fox of Boaters Brasil, Ron Hollister of Lake Patriot, Carlos Bahia, Mark Rasmussen, as well as other members of our community. Thank you to everyone who helped in any way. We enjoyed working with all of you as a team and look forward to our continued efforts to keep Candlewood Lake cleaner for everyone!

In the weeks following the cleanup, there has been notably less trash left behind. Lake Patriot plans to give back – we will contribute a portion of our net profits from our Candlewood Lake Patriot apparel and accessories for future events and clean up efforts on Candlewood Lake.